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At Jhaveri we teach you the golden rule of wealth planning "plan ahead and plan smart", we guide in the direction of your desired financial goal. With clear insight, vast knowledge and careful consideration we help you make the best investment decisions for your business/life .

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Investment Strategy  
After getting a grasp of your investment objectives and aims, we can help you find the right products and suitable solutions custom tailored to suit your needs. Your Jhaveri professional will be your friend/guide/confidant on your financial journey, be it by creating plausible strategies, offering one-to-one support and providing a bank of knowledge of various topics, we will help you build a comprehensive plan for your financial future.  
Asset allocation – define a proper mix of targets stocks, bonds and cash.  
Tactical allocation – consider largr, medium, small well as international company exposure during portfolio planning.  
Asset location – Strategically locating specific investments, assets and securities.  
Tax-efficient investing – finding ways to defer, reduce and minimise taxes on your portfolio.  
Taxable savings strategy – chalk out the goals, time frames and risk tolerances for your taxable asset and creating a strategy for investmebt saving.  
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