Beyond Business News Beyond Business News en-Us <![CDATA[New tech to combat vehicle number plate thefts, misuse]]> Dion Global 25-Mar-2019 12:20PM <![CDATA[Automated, non-evasive tech can detect eye surface cancer: Researchers]]> Dion Global 25-Mar-2019 10:54AM <![CDATA[Indian Air Force to participate first time in LIMA 2019, Malaysia]]> Dion Global 22-Mar-2019 5:07PM <![CDATA[Eating nuts daily may prevent age-related mental disorders: Study]]> Dion Global 22-Mar-2019 1:34PM <![CDATA[Boeing 737 MAX, federal regulators to face first congressional hearing]]> Dion Global 22-Mar-2019 12:27PM <![CDATA[Tuberculosis can be eradicated from the world by 2045: Experts]]> Dion Global 22-Mar-2019 12:26PM <![CDATA[Deep brain stimulation may treat severe depression]]> Dion Global 22-Mar-2019 9:29AM <![CDATA[Plant-based bio-jet fuels commercially viable: Study]]> Dion Global 22-Mar-2019 9:28AM <![CDATA[EU fines Google 1.49 bn euros for unfair competition]]> Dion Global 20-Mar-2019 5:50PM <![CDATA[Scentists successfully levitate, propel objects with light]]> Dion Global 20-Mar-2019 5:37PM <![CDATA[Skin diseases more prevalent than thought but many do not consult physician: Study]]> Dion Global 20-Mar-2019 5:22PM <![CDATA[Piping hot tea, coffee may increase the risk of oesophageal cancer: Study]]> Dion Global 20-Mar-2019 4:31PM <![CDATA[Evidence of water-bearing minerals found on asteroid Bennu]]> Dion Global 20-Mar-2019 2:01PM <![CDATA[Taking sample from asteroid harder than expected: NASA]]> Dion Global 20-Mar-2019 12:16PM <![CDATA[Eating fish may help prevent asthma: Scientists]]> Dion Global 20-Mar-2019 11:42AM <![CDATA[Pan-Arab body to cooperate on space programme: UAE]]> Dion Global 20-Mar-2019 11:17AM <![CDATA[UN patent data shows Asia innovation surge from west to east]]> Dion Global 19-Mar-2019 6:06PM <![CDATA[India, third largest exporter of groundwater on the global: Report]]> Dion Global 19-Mar-2019 5:23PM <![CDATA[AI can make eye doctors improve the accuracy of the diagnoses: Google research]]> Dion Global 19-Mar-2019 5:02PM <![CDATA[Plant cellulose may be used to create bone implants in future]]> Dion Global 19-Mar-2019 4:49PM <![CDATA[Asian markets dip ahead of Fed meeting but pound rebounds]]> Dion Global 19-Mar-2019 2:12PM <![CDATA[Scientists develop a device to generate hydrogen fuel from seawater using solar power]]> Dion Global 19-Mar-2019 1:44PM <![CDATA[Race for 7 organised in Delhi by ORDI to raise funds for rare diseases' patients]]> Dion Global 19-Mar-2019 1:02PM <![CDATA[Counterfeit and pirated goods soar to USD 522 bn of global trade: Report]]> Dion Global 18-Mar-2019 6:08PM <![CDATA[International Workshop on Disaster Resilient Infrastructure to start on Tuesday]]> Dion Global 18-Mar-2019 2:54PM <![CDATA[Krishna Swaminathan, VSM assumes charge as Flag Officer Sea Training (FOST)]]> Dion Global 18-Mar-2019 2:52PM <![CDATA[World's oldest astrolabe, an ancient device used for navigating at sea was part of journey to India]]> Dion Global 18-Mar-2019 2:46PM <![CDATA[Eurostar trains service hit by French customs strike]]> Dion Global 18-Mar-2019 10:54AM <![CDATA[Goa CM succumbs to illness, govt announces national mourning on Monday]]> Dion Global 18-Mar-2019 10:47AM <![CDATA[Asteroid Bennu, target of NASA's sample return mission rotating faster over time: Study]]> Dion Global 18-Mar-2019 9:48AM <![CDATA[New solar-powered device creates usable water from thin air]]> Dion Global 15-Mar-2019 5:24PM <![CDATA[Robots could build and repair future cities by mimicking nature: Study]]> Dion Global 15-Mar-2019 4:30PM <![CDATA[83 quasars powered by supermassive black holes found in early universe]]> Dion Global 14-Mar-2019 2:39PM <![CDATA[Green tea may reduce obesity risk, other health disorders: Study]]> Dion Global 14-Mar-2019 1:34PM <![CDATA[Majority office-goers in India want commuting time to be included in working hours: Survey]]> Dion Global 14-Mar-2019 9:30AM <![CDATA[Dachser gains coveted AEO certification in India]]> Dion Global 13-Mar-2019 6:13PM <![CDATA[WhatsApp to continue taking more measures to limit viral content: Abhijit Bose]]> Dion Global 13-Mar-2019 6:09PM <![CDATA[NASA to study untouched Moon samples from Apollo missions for first time: US space agency]]> Dion Global 13-Mar-2019 6:07PM <![CDATA[Eating walnuts may boost metabolism by increasing high-density lipoprotein: Study]]> Dion Global 13-Mar-2019 4:43PM <![CDATA[Harmful smog particles raises diabetes risk in China: study]]> Dion Global 13-Mar-2019 3:08PM <![CDATA[First person to set foot on Mars likely to be a woman: NASA chief]]> Dion Global 13-Mar-2019 3:07PM <![CDATA[Don't allow sale, manufacture & ad of e-cigarettes, ENDS: Central Drug Regulator]]> Dion Global 13-Mar-2019 11:17AM <![CDATA[EU adds 10 countries to tax blacklist: Statement]]> Dion Global 13-Mar-2019 9:43AM <![CDATA[UN experts probing North Korea sanctions violations in 20 countries]]> Dion Global 12-Mar-2019 7:00PM <![CDATA[Dr. A.K. Mohanty takes over as Director BARC]]> Dion Global 12-Mar-2019 6:57PM <![CDATA[Air pollution deaths worldwide are double earlier estimates: Study]]> Dion Global 12-Mar-2019 4:44PM <![CDATA[Forgetting drains more brain power than remembering: Study]]> Dion Global 12-Mar-2019 2:40PM <![CDATA[US aviation experts join Ethiopian-led investigation at Boeing crash site]]> Dion Global 12-Mar-2019 1:52PM <![CDATA[Most people don not verify fake news before sharing on social media: Study]]> Dion Global 12-Mar-2019 1:48PM <![CDATA[IMF board approves USD 4.2 bn fund for Ecuador over the next 3-years]]> Dion Global 12-Mar-2019 12:03PM