Economy News Economy News en-Us <![CDATA[Yard 12706 launched at Mumbai]]> Dion Global 22-Apr-2019 1:47PM <![CDATA[IN Ships to participate in International Fleet Review at Qingdao, China on April 21, 2019]]> Dion Global 22-Apr-2019 1:45PM <![CDATA[Govt Bonds allotment increases to Rs. 64,192 crore in FY19]]> Dion Global 18-Apr-2019 5:34PM <![CDATA[Second edition of IN–VPN BILAT EX Concludes]]> Dion Global 17-Apr-2019 1:17PM <![CDATA[Exercise SEA VIGIL held on 16 April]]> Dion Global 17-Apr-2019 1:10PM <![CDATA[Plenty of people lost jobs between years 2016 and 2018]]> Dion Global 17-Apr-2019 11:42AM <![CDATA[Himalayan Heights Motorcycle Expedition reaches Karakoram Pass on 16 April]]> Dion Global 17-Apr-2019 11:29AM <![CDATA[AUSINDEX-19 concludes on 16 Apr 19]]> Dion Global 16-Apr-2019 2:19PM <![CDATA[Indian Govt expects official procurement to rise upto Rs 50,000 in FY20]]> Dion Global 16-Apr-2019 12:32PM <![CDATA[India's exports business rises by 5 per cent in February, imports falls by 3.3 per cent]]> Dion Global 16-Apr-2019 12:19PM <![CDATA[Govt apprised about MoU between India and Brazil in the area of Biotechnology]]> Dion Global 15-Apr-2019 4:52PM <![CDATA[Govt approves cooperation agreement between India and Denmark in the field of renewable energy]]> Dion Global 15-Apr-2019 4:48PM <![CDATA[Cabinet approves creation of one post of Deputy Comptroller and Auditor General]]> Dion Global 15-Apr-2019 4:45PM <![CDATA[Govt approves MoU between India and Cambodia in the field of communications]]> Dion Global 15-Apr-2019 4:44PM <![CDATA[Cabinet approves MoU between India and Bolivia in the field of traditional systems of medicine, homoeopathy]]> Dion Global 15-Apr-2019 4:42PM <![CDATA[Cabinet approves MoU between India and Bolivia on cooperation in the field of Geology]]> Dion Global 15-Apr-2019 4:36PM <![CDATA[Oilmeals export rose 31 per cent to Rs 6,222 cr in FY19]]> Dion Global 15-Apr-2019 1:54PM <![CDATA[WPI inflation rise to 3.18 per cent in March on costlier food, fuel]]> Dion Global 15-Apr-2019 1:51PM <![CDATA[Indian Air Force organises Half Marathon]]> Dion Global 15-Apr-2019 11:19AM <![CDATA[Sugar export business rises to 17.44 lakh tonnes for FY19]]> Dion Global 12-Apr-2019 12:22PM <![CDATA[Govt. declares GPF interest rate at 8 per cent for April-June quarter, 2019-20]]> Dion Global 11-Apr-2019 10:05AM <![CDATA[Govt. postpones last date for filing final sales, TDS return for March]]> Dion Global 11-Apr-2019 9:46AM <![CDATA[Indian govt achieves the fiscal deficit target of 3.4 per cent]]> Dion Global 10-Apr-2019 2:44PM <![CDATA[Indian MSMEs can create 1 crore jobs in 4-5 years by focusing on developing enterprises: Report]]> Dion Global 10-Apr-2019 10:18AM <![CDATA[World Bank expects India’s GDP growth to 7.5 per cent in FY 2019-20]]> Dion Global 09-Apr-2019 4:04PM <![CDATA[India shows significant flow of remittances in 2018]]> Dion Global 09-Apr-2019 1:00PM <![CDATA[Inflation below RBI target, expected to be up in March report]]> Dion Global 09-Apr-2019 10:57AM <![CDATA[Reserve Bank of India declares guidelines to set up new currency chests]]> Dion Global 09-Apr-2019 10:11AM <![CDATA[Service poviders to elect for GST composition scheme till April 30]]> Dion Global 08-Apr-2019 11:58AM <![CDATA[NITI Aayog, RMI Release FAME II scheme]]> Dion Global 08-Apr-2019 11:25AM <![CDATA[Indian Navy, CSIR signs MoU to undertake joint research]]> Dion Global 08-Apr-2019 11:14AM <![CDATA[Worsened situaton in Libya compels India to evacuate peacekeeping CRPF contingent]]> Dion Global 08-Apr-2019 10:55AM <![CDATA[Kazakhstan in talks with M&M, seeking Indian tractors]]> Dion Global 05-Apr-2019 5:04PM <![CDATA[India, Brazil ink treaty for repatriation of convicted prisoners]]> Dion Global 05-Apr-2019 4:34PM <![CDATA[Income Tax return forms for AY 2019-20 out; July 31 last date of filing]]> Dion Global 05-Apr-2019 4:27PM <![CDATA[Health Ministry forms a Solidarity Human Chain]]> Dion Global 05-Apr-2019 2:51PM <![CDATA[NuGen Mobility Summit 2019 to be conducted at Manesar]]> Dion Global 05-Apr-2019 2:47PM <![CDATA[CTBT enters into 8 Advance Pricing Agreement in March, 2019]]> Dion Global 05-Apr-2019 2:40PM <![CDATA[Air Marshal D Choudhury AVSM VM VSM takes over as Senior Air Staff Officer WAC]]> Dion Global 05-Apr-2019 2:36PM <![CDATA[SC denies to grant stay on operation of electoral bonds scheme, next hearing on April 10]]> Dion Global 05-Apr-2019 1:47PM <![CDATA[Debris from Indian anti-satellite to burn up in atmosphere - Pentagon]]> Dion Global 05-Apr-2019 10:48AM <![CDATA[Engaged with US waiver on import of Iranian oil, which expires in May: India]]> Dion Global 05-Apr-2019 10:11AM <![CDATA[Govt close to meeting fiscal deficit target of 3.4 pc for 2018-19: Garg]]> Dion Global 04-Apr-2019 7:04PM <![CDATA[Startup action plan: 120 ventures get patents]]> Dion Global 04-Apr-2019 6:48PM <![CDATA[India, Russia to hold annual forum to boost media cooperation]]> Dion Global 04-Apr-2019 6:45PM <![CDATA[India-Nepal first ever investment conclave to kick off next month]]> Dion Global 04-Apr-2019 6:26PM <![CDATA[Fitch retains India's rating at 'BBB-' with stable outlook]]> Dion Global 04-Apr-2019 4:46PM <![CDATA[Need to increase spends in science to 1.2 pc of GDP in next 3 yrs: Saraswat]]> Dion Global 04-Apr-2019 3:01PM <![CDATA[Centre to gain more from GST than states in longer runs: Y V Reddy]]> Dion Global 04-Apr-2019 12:06PM <![CDATA[Trump alleges India is one of the highest taxing nations in the world]]> Dion Global 04-Apr-2019 11:20AM