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Jhaveri securities Ltd. can be your friend, guide and confident in your journey to and through retirement. At any stage in life, you can count on us to provide you with viable guidance, apt tools and structured services to help you prepare for a retirement you want.

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Strategies for handling your housing problem in retirement Jul 17, 2013
WORKERS plan for retirement by saving money for decades. Too often, retirement experts say,
Starting to save for your Retirement
Yes we know, at this point of time retirement planning is the last thing on your mind. You might have more urgent financial priorities like saving for your dream house, paying off student loans, buying a car or simply enjoying your money in the now. But the importance of planning and saving towards your retirement cannot be more pressing!
Jhaveri believes that you can start small by following these basic strategies
1) Estabish Emergency Fund
Creating an Emergency Fund that lasts at least 3 months so that you are not completely dependent on your paycheck.
2) I(ncome) – S(avings) = E(xpense)
You have to be in control of your money, instead to trying to overreach.
3) Pay off High interest rate debt
Paying off all High Interest rate debt like your credit card, personal loans etc.
Refining your retirement strategy
As soon as you get in the position to save for your retirement whilst still saving for for other important priorities,
Jhaveri suggests that you should consider the following:
1) Look for Opportunities
Examine the exchanges, the timelines, and the monetary costs for all of your financial goals; always look for opportunities to learn about new and innovative types of investments that may play catalyst in achieving your goals.
2) Prioritize Goals
Take note of your short-term and long-term savings goals and prioritize them accordingly.
3) Don’t neglect Retirement Goal
Make sure that you don't neglect your retirement goals
Preparing to Retire
You have reached the peak of your career. You are enjoying all the luxury’s life has to offer to you – dining out, international holidays, own home and car,etc. Wouldn’t you want to keep enjoying this lifestyle post retirement also?
Jhaveri believes that making informed decisions can help you build a right retirement strategy which will help you in sustaining your current lifestyle in your retirement years as well:
1) Know your expenses and income
It is very important at this point of time in your life that you know what your current expenses are and how will they increase in future considering inflation (You can use our inflation calculator to find out the expenses in future).This expense needs to be offset against the income which you will be generating from your retirement portfolio in your retirement years.
2) Portfolio Rebalancing
It is very important to view your portfolio on a yearly basis and do rebalancing according to the asset allocation. You should start shifting your portfolio of debt and should decrease your allocation to equities.
3) Retirement Income Strategy
For creating a consistent retirement income to meet your expenses, it is very important that you start building your portfolio from that angel. Points like capital preservation, guaranteed income, flexible access to your money needs to be kept in mind when making the strategy for retirement income.
Retire. Live.
Earning after no you won't have to get another job!! But simply let your retirement portfolio generate the required income for you.
Jhaveri believes that you must look into the following to allow your money to outlast your retirement.
1) Right Asset Allocation
By making sure that your asset allocation meets your needs and risk tolerance.
2) Developing Portfolio
Develop your portfolio that will help you in fulfilling all your retirement needs. Don’t let the retirement expenses worry come in between enjoying your retirement.
3) Retirement Income Strategy
Understanding and dissecting all the major factors for creating a viable retirement income strategy.
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