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Refer & Earn - The more you refer the more you earn!  
Wouldn't it be nice if you could be rewarded for helping your loved ones fulfill their dreams? Jhaveri Securities Ltd. Programme helps you do just that! Refer Jhaveri Securities products and services to your family and friends, and get exciting incentives.  
A lot you refer us clients without caring about the incentive we share with you. We at Jhaveri would love to share this revenue as a token to say thank you. So we would appreciate if you follow the steps for us to be able to track the people whom you referred.  
3 steps to Refer:  
To be a part of our referral program, firstly you need to be an existing customer of Jhaveri Securities Ltd.  

Speak to a Jhaveri Executive at 0265 – 3071200
send us an email to to learn more

1. To be a part of our referral program, firstly you need to be an existing customer of Jhaveri Securities Ltd.

2. A client can participate in the client referral program by logging into our Back Office and entering the lead details under Refer a friend

3. Each referred lead MUST open an account with Jhaveri Securities Ltd. in 30 calendar days; else the client will not be eligible to receive the referral commission

4. The term “Reference means those clients or customers who have incorporated in our system who have fulfilled all the basic criteria for their respective activations. Deviations, if any, will not be considered in counting their numbers for the incentive plan

5. The management reserves the right for the changes in the payment structure discussed so far. No disputes will be entertained. However, the company will intimate the same beforehand accordingly.
Customer Referral Scheme  
Month No. Of KYC Acquired Per Client Avg. Brkg Total Brkg in Month Your Share % Your Total Earning
Jan 5 2500 12500 10 1250
Feb 10 2500 25000 10 2500
Mar 15 2500 37500 10 3750
Apr 20 2500 50000 10 5000
May 25 2500 62500 10 6250
June 30 2500 75000 10 7500
July 35 2500 87500 10 8750
Aug 40 2500 100000 10 10000
Sep 45 2500 112500 10 11250
Oct 50 2500 125000 10 12500
Nov 55 2500 137500 10 13750
Dec 60 2500 150000 10 15000

Total Earnings per Year


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