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  •    Company Profile

    JHAVERI group, initiated in Gujarat in the year 1992 is now one of the largest stock broking houses in the state. Jhaveri has also emerged as one of the renowned financial advisor in Mutual Fund, IPO, FDs & Insurance. Over the years, JHAVERI securities has embarked its presence and played a major role in the development of financial markets in Gujarat and have emerged as a financial supermarket.
    We can proudly say that we have a membership in all the major stock exchanges & depositories in India such as NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX, and NSDL.

    By entering into long term relationships with the clients, JHAVERI securities has now built a huge client base of over 1, 00,000. Its honest and fair financial management services in cooperation with more than 350 associates across India, has helped in delivering our promises within reasonable and appropriate time and cost.

    Financial risk is associated with every individual and takes a different form in different situations. Managing these risks for an individual precisely for his special risk management needs is not less than an art and we, at JeTrade of JHAVERI group, are experts in taking care of all your financial risk management needs. We not just manage your finances, but also thrive to solve your problems with expertise and up to date knowledge about the subject. With our experienced professional service, you can be sure of your finances being managed well.

    JeTrade has adopted the philosophy of JHAVERI group. JHAVERI is one of the leading stock broking houses in Gujarat. It was incorporated in 1992 and now serves over 1, 00,000 clients in the same sector. At JHAVERI, we offer you honest and reasonable services through our number of business associates, the number of which has now crossed the mark of 350.Sustained growth of JHAVERI group are like a booster for the Gujarat primary and secondary markets

    Our financial and wealth management services include includes e-trading of the major shares in various sectors. In addition, we also offer other financial services such as Mutual funds, commodity trading, derivative trading, equity trading and initial public offers. Our currency derivatives are trustworthy financial services offered to our clients in addition to our depository services and more value added services.
  •    Why JeTrade?

    At Jhaveri, we believe in steering knowledge into power and security, which is what we stand for- 'Knowledge is power and power brings security.’
    Entering into the financial world is a risky venture and calls for management of those risks and sorting out the essential elements needed in this field. The stock and finance markets need a good research to understand the factors that affect it. At Jhaveri, we have an expert team of professionals incorporated for exceptional research work. The independent research analysts keep an updated outline of the finance industry focusing on the trends seen in the economy ensuring you to make the best out of it. This research work brought about by the Jhaveri team will help you with a good assortment of tips on investment as well as the ways to increase your income returns. Along with these investment tips, we also help you glide through important investment decisions with our properly designed tools to optimize decision- making. These value added services help you with maintain a sound equilibrium in your investments and returns.

    Jhaveri will equip you with the latest and best database to keep you updated with the current happenings in the investment sector, the vicissitudes in the stock market, investment moves to make better choices, and the expert advices along with the market sentiments to the changes. With the efforts put in by our proficient team, you will have options, which are not only reliable but valuable as well. We bring to you the most recent of the market and economy news as it happens.

    eTrading at Jhaveri gives you the advantage of providing a stable and secure investing embark to give you a quicker and faster trade implementation. Jhaveri brings to you the options of graphs to help you stay in sync with the investment returns.

    We allow you to start with a personalized account to bring to you the customized ideas and tips to get you the optimal results in your venture. Our products include eTrading, IPOs, equity and derivative- trade and mutual funds offer you possible opportunities to give you a better control over the investment options. Along with this, we make sure that you get our products at the lowest price as possible with the lowest of the fund expenses. Jhaveri will help you stand guard against the finance market risks with our expert investment tips and with our personalized supporting. You will see that managing your investments and finances is actually easy if you are with Jhaveri.
  • Milestones:
    •    2012

      • Jhaveri Securities Limited bags the “Best Financial Advisor Award” for the third time, adduced by CNBC TV 18 and UTI Mutual Fund, powered by ICRA.
    •    2010

      • Awarded consecutively for 2nd time by CNBC TV 18 for "Best Financial Advisor Award"
    •    2009

      • A fully informative website was launched
      • IBT desk crossed highest number of 366 connected clients and 3015 trades each day
      • Remarkable development of various software modules leading to automation and efficiency
      • Jhaveri sponsored world’s longest canvas-Vadodara Marathon 2009
      • Huge presence with more than 350 associates and expanding network in Rajasthan and Maharashtra
      • Awarded by CNBC TV 18 for “Best Performing Individual Financial Advisor Award”
    •    2008

      • Jhaveri crossed the mark of 60,000 in DP
      • It also rolled out 200 seminars based on wealth creation and similar topics
      • Jhaveri crossed the 500 terminal mark
      • It then crossed 55,000 mark in KYC
      • It crossed the mark of 250 business associates
      • The company developed internet-enabled software for use in the back office
    •    2007

      • An online trading facility was then launched for the investors’ convenience. Jhaveri was among the few first movers to offer an online trading platform.
      • A new branch was opened in Mumbai. This was Jhaveri Securities’ 16th Branch.
    •    2006

      • The company launched a new division for commodities broking
      • haveri published its first research report ever, based on various listed companies in the different stock exchanges.
    •    2005

      • Jhaveri grew further and became a member of MCX/NCDX. This was highlighting its growing trade in equities.
      • It became a member of BSE (cash)
    •    2003

      • Jhaveri became a member of Derivative (F & O), adding another feather in its hat.
    •    2000

      • Jhaveri Securities once again crossed a milestone and became a member of NSDL.
    •    1999

      • Jhaveri group conducted a first seminar for its investors where it communicated with them directly and extended a friendly hand towards the prospective investors.
    •    1995

      • Jhaveri Securities became a member of NSE (cash). Its high rate of escalation was evident.
      • The need and dream of a bigger company was transformed into reality. Jhaveri Securities came into existence as the outcome of this transformation.
    •    1989

      • A small business of mutual funds and Initial Public offer distribution was started. Soon, it started to grow and a need was felt to register a bigger company with properly organized structure.
    The growth history of JHAVERI is no less than an eventful story. In a short span of time, we have opened a number of offices at strategic locations, memberships in all the major stock exchanges, online trading facilities and the list goes on…
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