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Option Details

  •    Silent Features 1

      Particulars Description
    Product Offered JeTrade allows you to offer complete suite of Online Investment Products including online usage in totality
    Equity Available - BSE & NSE
    Futures & Options Available - NSE
    Software Fast Trade
    IPO Online application, confirmation and subscription
    Mutual Fund Sale, Purchase, SIP, Redemption
  •    Silent Features 2

      Particulars Description
    Back Office JeTrade takes care of back end operations via online back office access
    Settlement of Funds & Securities Automated
    Bills/Contracts/ Client statements Via Email or Website, FTP Site, Digital Contract note
    Collection of Funds Automated through Payment Gateways
    Instruction slips Only POA with JHAVERI DP
  •    Silent Features 3

      Particulars Description
    Business Risk JeTrade allows you to operate with Riskless
    Broker’s Risk Minimal
    Client’s Risk Very Minimal
    Growth Opportunity Increase potential
    Sustainability Long Term
  •    Silent Features 4

      Particulars Description
    Research/ Market Information JeTrade Broking supports you with detailed Market Research & information available on mail as well as our local site intranet
    Market Intelligence Pre & Post Market Research, Intraday news, hourly news updates
    Research Daily, weekly, quarterly, yearly, technical and fundamental report, FNO strategy, commodity strategy and other.
    Growth Opportunity Increase potential
    Technical Charts Available online with historical data extending to last 5 years, also website provides the facilitation on online charting
  •    Silent Features 5

      Particulars Description
    Expenses JeTrade make your investment initiation and operation very cost effective
    Infrastructure Negligible
    Initial Deposit Minimum
    Margin Requirement Client’s responsibility
    Recurring Expenses Negligible
    Staff Expenses Low
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