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Jhaveri brings to you a unique opportunity to enjoy benefits through your network.

  • Who can become JHAVERI ADVISOR??

    Becoming a JHAVERI ADVISOR depends purely on your skills with the numbers. You may be using your financial know-how in any domain such as Travel Industry, Banks, Law, Insurance, Dealerships, etc. or you may just as well be a homemaker, an entrepreneur or retired from work. Following are some probable profiles that we have identified.

    • HNI Clients / Travel Agents
    • Sales Manager / Branch Manager of Pvt Life Insurance Co.
    • Housewives
    • Money Transfer Agents
    • Sub Broker of other broking firms / Tax Consultants
    • Mutual Fund Advisor / Retired / VRS Officers
    • DSA of PL / HL /Auto Loan / Doctors / Lawyers
    • Chartered Accountant / DST Teams of Financial Institutions
    • Advisor of Insurance Company
    • Dealer / Relationship Manager
    • Entrepreneurs
  • Key Featured & Benefits

    • Attractive cross sales incentives*
    • Ongoing pay out on KYC with Margin*
    • Brokerage sharing on each segment of the KYC introduced.
    • Upfront pay out on acquisition of every new KYC of each segment.
    • Add on pay outs on Cash / Stock Margin collected while KYC introduction*

    • Become a Jhaveri Advisor with No Investment
    • Use your own network and earn upto 30% Commission.
    • Your Client will service by our dedicated Branch Relationship Manager
    • No Worries of Clientele Risk & Unsecured
    • Earning Opportunities on Multiple Products availability
    • Providing Freedom & Time saving through Freelancing Business
    • Future vision to have a own stock broking franchisee
    • Empowering your stock market knowledge
    • Support to your existing financial advisory business with multiple products selling
    • Your every business reference will rewarded by us with handsome earnings
    • Mutual Fund trade available online through MFSS Terminal
    • Online Back Office access available
    • One Month Pay out cycle
    • AMC & Margin based brokerage plans to service your all segments of clients
    • Building of everlasting relationship with a leading broking house
    • Prominent JSL Branch office location for your smooth business operation
  • Illustration

    The table below illustrates how much you can potentially earn by becoming a Jhaveri Advisor

    One Time Registration Charges Rs. 1500
    Earning Opportunities All Segments
    Total Client Introduction Upfront Payout Slab Brokerage Sharing % (Gross)
    1 to 20 150 10%
    21 to 40 200 20%
    41 & Above 250 30%


Rs. 1500 Registration Fees + Jhaveri Advisor’s Personal KYC
Cash and Commodity will be considered separate for upfront pay outs.


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