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  • Why EQUITY SIP ?

    Meaning / Transparency
    Stock SIP will help you in buying stocks systematically. And that stock as assets will be deposited in your DP A/C
    Fund Manager
    Through stock SIP you can have the discipline of an SIP and be your own fund manager at the same time. Also you can save on the fund management fees.
    Choice of Investment
    Customer has choice to invest in to there liking sector and stock. (Fundamental strong investment)
    Control On Investment
    Customer has option to stop/modify the SIP if the feel this sector or company is out of form.
    Corporate Benefits
    Will directly credited to Investor’s A/C
    Common question from customers are…
    How to judge the market? How can invest in to market without taking much risk?
    At what time I should take the entry in to market?    
    Impact of global market on my portfolio? I am aware about the fact that invest regular in market would be good options for rupee cost value but how can I get the benefit from it?
    I don’t have time for research?  
    How can I trust an unknown person for managing my portfolio?    
  • What is EQUITY SIP ?

    • Equity SIP (EQ SIP) is a method of investing a fix sum in regular Intervals in Equity, ETFs, Market.
    • Automatic Investments on Specific Date, Predefine Amount, in selected Intervals.
    • You can create an EQ SIP with JeTrade one time by choosing the stocks, specifying the start date, frequency and period of SIP investment.
    • All Resident Indian can invest through EQ SIP.
  • Who Can Opt for EQUITY SIP ?

    • Any Indian Residence
    • Having Trading cum DP a/c with Jhaveri Securities Ltd.
  • How to Subscribe EQUITY SIP ?

    3 different ways to subscribe EQUITY SIP

    • Client will login to Trading Application Trade Insta or Trade Velocity & subscribe online.
    • Call Your Relationship Manager & Give necessary Instruction.
    • Call JeTrade-Customer Care Desk & Give necessary Instruction.
  • How Investor will Benefit from EQUITY SIP ?

    • Helpful to achieve long term Goal
    • Benefit of Rupee Cost Averaging
    • Get benefit of Market Volatility
    • Helps you avoid panic Selling
    • It's possible to start with Small amount
    • Helps you avoid market timing.
    • One Form, Multiple Regular Investments
    • Very useful for Salaries Income person
    • All corporate benefits like Dividend, Bonus, Split, New acquisition all credit to your account since stocks are in your demat a/c.
  • FAQ

    Equity SIP (EQUITY SIP) is a new facility offered through JeTrade through which customer gets the privilege to buy pre-specified amount or for a pre-specified quantity in scripts of their choice at regular intervals over a period of time and also book the profit as selected by customer. For instance, customer can select Equity SIP for a period of say 6 years to invest Rs. 2000 per month from Stock list of EQUITY SIP, e.g. HINDALCO or alternatively customer can choose to buy 10 shares of HINDALCO every month from Stock list of EQUITY SIP. This is a golden investment opportunity where customer can be fund manager of their own investment. Customer can choose their amount of investment in their selected scrip for their selected span of time. Only thing Customer need to do is fill the form, select the script and select regular investment amount.
    Existing customer can easily apply for EQUITY SIP online via log in into trading application of Trade Insta or Trade Velocity. Customer can also follow the manual process of downloading the form from website, fill the form and submit to our office at: 309, Payal Tower II, Sayajigunj, Vadodara – 390020 along with the bank details so that every month through ECS, the pre-specified amount can be debited. Request for any process involved in EQUITY SIP will take at least 15 days of time. After you have provided the necessary details i.e. the script, amount/ quantity to be invested, frequency of investment, total time period, we will place your Equity SIP buy orders. SIP will be triggered (debit from customer bank account) on 10th of every month while trade execution will be on 13th of every month at market rate on best efforts basis. In case of Holiday, the next working day will be considered.
    Any Resident Indian Customer with an active JHAVERI trading account can opt for EQUITY SIP.
    Yes, customers who are not registered with JHAVERI need to open trading cum demat account. Existing JHAVERI customer can avail the facility by submitting require documents.
    As such there is no minimum tenure for EQUITY SIP. You can opt for minimum 6months also. We believe that the best returns to portfolio come through disciplined & regular buying for the long term only. We recommend to go for minimum 24 months.
    Yes, customers who want to opt for auto debit facility need to sign ACH form & submit the same to our Customer Care Desk, 309 Payal Tower-ii, Sayajigunj, Vadodara 390020. After receiving complete fill & sign form will send for processing to our bank. Auto Debit facility will take 15 working days to activate once verified information found ok from customer’s bank.
    As the entire process is automatic, customer can opt for Daily, Weekly, and Monthly SIP. We recommend to go for Monthly SIP. SIP will be triggered (debit from customer bank account) as per below schedule @ market rates on best efforts basis. In case of Holiday, the next working day will be considered. Process Cycle Debit from Bank Trade Execute Cycle – I 01st 03rd Cycle – II 10th 13th FAQ – EQUITY SIP Jhaveri Securities Ltd May 2013 Cycle – III 20th 23
    Yes, you can buy different stock on different date. For that you need to subscribe different EQUITY SIP on different date.
    Yes. As a process, an authorized representative of the company would call the client to confirm the details of the EQUITY SIP application. But on every month client will get SMS & email intimation 3days prior to ECS & Trigger.
    As such there is no upper cap for selecting scrip under one sip but we recommend you can opt up to 10 scripts per SIP application. In case, you wish to apply for more than 10 no. of scripts then please fill up an additional SIP form. All application should be signed on the same day mentioning the date.
    We recommend to go for Nifty50 You can select any stock from Nifty 50 plus exchange traded fund. (Refer Stock List for EQUITY SIP/Form for EQUITY SIP)
    You may renew the scheme by re-applying if you continue the scheme by sending the physical application one month prior scheme end date.
    Rs.15/- will be debited as process charges on every SIP installment. (Brokerage & other statutory charges as mentioned in brokerage scheme will be as applicable). Monthly debit amount for EQUITY SIP would be the closing price of last working day of previous month plus 15% volatility margin. Amount remaining after deduction of contract charges from SIP amount will be kept in your ledger account.
    Yes, if you wish to modify / pause / cancel existing EQUITY SIP i.e. change number of scrip, quantity of units in the scrip, change the tenure, change trigger date, then you need to download Form for MODIFY / STOP of Equity SIP website www.JeTrade.in and submit to us or login to our trading application & make necessary changes. Request for any process involved in EQUITY SIP will take within 30 days of time.
    No. You will not be charged.
    In EQ SIP, full amount will deduct from your bank account, but if There will be any debit/insufficient balance while execution of EQUITY SIP in ledger, Execution of trade will not take place in case of amount less than the EQUITY SIP amount.
    Yes. You will receive an SMS and email post successful transaction. The Contract notes and other documents would be sent across as per the normal course of operations. All the communication will be made on register E-mail id with the company
    No, once you subscribe, you need not log in. Purchases will be made automatically until the subscription ends, subject to sufficient funds being available in your ledger account or sufficient funds available in your bank account on trigger date.
    In case, the share price increase to the debit prices, then the debit price would be credited back to customer’s bank account through NEFT or RTGS on 15th date of that month and EQUITY SIP will not trigger for that particular month. In case of Holiday, the next working day will be considered.
    On trigger date, if selected scripts reach upper or lower circuit, the order will be kept live till market ends. In this case the order may or may not get successfully executed depending upon the market.
    Upper limit amount/cap for EQUITY SIP is defined as Maximum amount of investment per month. If the amount increases the Upper limit then EQUITY SIP will not be executed and customer will have to 1st stop the EQUITY SIP and then re-initiate the EQUITY SIP new request process. Minimum & Maximum Investment Amount (upper cap) selection should be in multiple of Rs.500 only.
    Yes. You can revise the upper cap OR increase / decrease the number of shares (not less than 2 shares) OR add / remove scrip by filling FORM FOR MODIFICATON OF EQUITY SIP and transfer fund as per revised EQUITY SIP scheme. In case, the selected scrip cost has reached 90% of SIP amount, then you need to fill FORM FOR MODIFICATON OF EQUITY SIP and transfer fund as per revised EQUITY SIP scheme. Request for any process involved in EQUITY SIP will take at least 15 days of time. * Terms & Conditions apply * Past performance may or may not be sustained in the future.
    Yes. You can do so by manually purchasing stock. EQUITY SIP will be trigger only on pre-define day or date. But if customer wish to purchase additional shares of stock he/ she can place order in normal market by login in to trading application or through RM/Dealer. He/ She may use our Call-N-Trade facility.
    Yes. You can do so by manually placing order.
    You can check EQUITY SIP performance by login to Trading Application & check EQSIP order.
    For more information or query Call Customer Care 0265-3071225 or write us myaccount@jhaveritrade.com


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