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  •    What is Equity SIP?

    Equity SIP (EQ SIP) is tool to invest in stocks as well as ETF’s systematically at fixed interval.
    EQ SIP: Specific Date, Amount, Frequency, and number of intervals.
    You can create an EQ SIP with JeTrade one time by choosing the stocks, specifying the start date, frequency and period of SIP investment.
    All Resident Indian can invest through EQ SIP.
  •    Why to Invest in EQ SIP.....?

    Common question from customers are…?
    1 How to judge the market?
    2 At what time I should take the entry in to market?
    3 Impact of global market on my portfolio?
    4 I don’t have time for research?
    5 How can I trust an unknown person for managing my portfolio?
    6 How can invest in to market without taking much risk?
    7 I am aware about the fact that invest regular in market would be good options for rupee cost value but how can I get the benefit from it?
    One Solution to all the questions…!
      JeTrade Equity SIP Which offers…
    Systematic and organized means of investing in equities.
    EQ SIP aids to accumulate stocks of your preference in your portfolio on a orderly basis.
    Invest in well fundamental stocks as we offer all Nifty 50 stocks as well as ETF’s.
    Become fund manager to your portfolio and take your own decisions for your financial growth.
  •    Benefits for EQ SIP

    Lump Sum Investment
    Amount Invested(A) 50000
    Price Per Share 10
    No. Of Share Received 5000
    Systematic Investment
    Month   Amount Invested(A) Price Of Share   No Of Share Received Profit Per Lot
    1   10000 10   1000 1624.9
    2   10000 9   1111 1470.5
    3   10000 7   1429 1666.8
    4   10000 11   909 1828.2
    5   10000 13   769 1733.8
    Total   50000     5218  
    After 5 Months
    Share Price(B) 13 Share Price(B) 13
    Value Of Share (no. Of Share Received * Share Price Per Share) 5000*13 =65000 Value Of Share(no. Of Share Received *Share Price Per Share) 5218*13 =67834
    Profit (A-B) 50000-65000 =15000/- Profit (A-B) 50000-67834 =17834/-
    Over and above financial benefits, customer gets an very easy method of monthly investment with high returns
    Customer don’t require to login daily, check market/stock price status & trade themselves
    Here customer is benefitted automatic just on selection of pre-specified amount/quantity, pre-specified duration, pre-specified stocks.
    EQSIP benefits in every up’s and down's of the market with just filling up of an application form online.
  •    Create Wealth with EQ SIP

    If you have just brought 10 shares every month ….
    Symbol   Date Average Price   Just Buy 10 Share every month Total Amount Invested Profit %
    HINDALCO   04-Jan-10 162.49   10 1624.9 31.78%
    In Just
    1 year
    HINDALCO   01-Feb-10 147.05   10 1470.5
    HINDALCO   02-Mar-10 166.68   10 1666.8
    HINDALCO   01-Apr-10 182.82   10 1828.2
    HINDALCO   03-May-10 173.38   10 1733.8
    HINDALCO   01-Jun-10 146.01   10 1460.1
    HINDALCO   01-Jul-10 142.4   10 1424
    HINDALCO   02-Aug-10 163.57   10 1635.7
    HINDALCO   01-Sep-10 170.99   10 1709.9
    HINDALCO   01-Oct-10 202.02   10 2020.2
    HINDALCO   01-Nov-10 214.07   10 2140.7
    HINDALCO   01-Dec-10 213.76   10 2137.6
    Total Average 173.77   120 20852.4
    Profit As on 01/02/11@229 27480
  •    Fund Manager of You Investment

    This is useful for busy professionals who are keen to have control on their investments directly but do not have enough time to do so.
    This is different from Mutual Fund SIP. In mutual fund SIP, one is investing in schemes which are managed by Fund Managers. You own the units of the schemes but do not directly have those stocks which the scheme is investing in your demat account.
    Through stock SIP you can have the discipline of an SIP and be your own fund manager at the same time. Also you can save on the fund management fees.
  •    EQ sip Tracker

    EQSIP Tracker is the in house tool developed to supervise and monitor the past performance of EQSIP stock list as well as Exchange traded funds (ETF)
    This is an advanced feature with which customer can calculate past performance of selected EQSIP eligible shares and get various information by just selecting key parameters like share name, no. of years & no. of shares. With this customer can get info like average buy price, total shares bought, total investment amount etc…
    Customer can track their selected scrips past performance with the help of Equity SIP Tracker available at www.jetrade.in
      For more details : http://live.jetrade.in:1082/eqreport/
  •    Process for EQ SIP

    STEP 1
    Choose your own amount for investment for frequency/ Choose the stock/s for your SIP
    STEP 2
    Choose the start date, frequency and period for SIP (Minimum tenure period of EQ SIP is 6 months. Application for EQ SIP below tenure of 6 months will not be accepted.)
    STEP 3
    Every month on the specified date, a buy order will be triggered for execution to the exchange that can be view from DP holding also.
  •    Terms & Conditions for EQ SIP

    Minimum SIP Investment Amount is 1000/- and customer can increase the same in multiples of Rs. 500/- only
    Customer will also have to define Maximum Investment Amount (Upper limit amount) so that at the end every month SIP will trigger within Upper limit amount
    Upper limit amount for EQSIP is defined as Maximum Investment Amount p.m. If the amount increases the Upper limit then EQSIP will not be executed.
    If customer’s EQSIP is not executed repeatedly then customer will have to fill Form for MODIFY / STOP of Equity SIP and submit to customer care executive to 1st stop the EQSIP and then re-initiate the EQSIP new request process.
      Minimum & Maximum Investment Amount selection should be in multiple of Rs.500 only.
    Monthly debit amount for EQSIP would be the closing price of last working day of previous month plus 15% Volatility Margin.
    SIP will be triggered(debit from customer bank account) on 10th of every month while trade execution will be on 13th of every month between 10:30 am to 11:30 am on best efforts basis. In case of Holiday, the next working day will be considered.
    Order will be executed at market price to the extent of equity SIP monthly installment.
    Trade execution is subject to availability of funds in your account.
    Rs 15/- will be debited as process charges on every SIP installment. (Brokerage & other statutory charges as mentioned in brokerage scheme will be as applicable)
    Extra charge of Rs. 100 will be applicable/debited on bounce of EQSIP cheque or ECS due to any reason.
    Amount remaining after deduction of contract charges from SIP amount will be kept in your ledger account.
    Request for any process involved in EQ SIP will take at least 30 working days of time.
    Past performance may or may not be sustained in the future.
  •    Download for EQ SIP

      Click here for Download
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