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  •    Benefits

    The forest shapes the tree, The environment shapes the person, The family shapes the child, The ‘Je Trade’ shapes
    the Career.
      JeTrade SECURITIES is one of the largest stock broking houses in Gujarat with more than 300 Business Associates.
      JeTrade has also emerged as one of the renowned financial advisor in Mutual Fund, IPO, FDs & Insurance by winning the title of “BEST PERFORMING INDIVIDUAL FINANCIAL AWARDS: 2009” by CNBC TV 18.
      JeTrade is known for its customer personalizes service, better client relationship, efficient research production with distribution & better management through business intelligence.
      More than 1lac satisfied customers, catering wealth management of different satisfied investors and traders.
      JeTrade Securities has played a pivotal role in the development of primary and secondary markets in Gujarat.
      Membership in the entire major stock exchange & depositories, offices at key locations and emerged as one of the financial hub.
      More than 600 professionals who posses sound knowledge and who are continuously trained, developed, and empowered to render top class service to our clients in financial markets.
      Inspire leadership with more than 18 years of rich experience, not only in equity but also Derivatives, Commodities, and Currency trading in market.
      Boast strong regional Foot print with expanding in all aspect as National Player in coming days.
      Unique Company Culture.
      We are present at both the fragment of Stock Market i.e. Offline trading as well as online trading platform.
      Strong Sense of Accountability.
      Aligned HR Practices and Excellent Execution of training programs and practices.
      Fairness and equity in the workplace which ultimately leads to extremely satisfied employees working with the sense of devotion and determination.
      Celebrations of our success as JeTrade Family Day.
      Expansion & modernization with high-tech infrastructure for new product development.
  •    Our Approach for Excellence

    We always share a long term relationship with our clients, which are based on mutual trust and immense faith. We have a diverse clientele and we always ensure that we are versatile to match their varying demands. No client or transaction is too small for us. We are committed to honor and executed all transactions for all types of clients, foe which we have experts at every stage. For bigger accounts we have Relationship Managers who are management graduates and who can understand clients' needs, expectations and aspirations, and ensure that all activities are fine turned to deliver appropriate services.
      e- Trading
      Wealth creation seminars
      Digital contract Note
      Value Added Services
      Daily Investment Calls
      SMS/ Email updates
      Derivative Strategy
      Weekly recommendations
      Research Reports
      Market news in Chat
      Widespread network
      Strong Sense of Accountability.
      Quality Human resources
      Portfolio Advisory Services
      Equity Broking
      Derivatives Trading
      Depository Services
      Mutual Funds
      Public sector Bonds & Govt. Securities
      IPOs & New Issues
      Commodities Trading
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