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You can view latest dividend of various companies Date of Announcements, Dividend (%).
Company NameAnnc. DateDividend TypeDividend (%)Record DateBook Closure FromBook Closure To
arrow  EIDPARRYINDI 22-03-2019Interim 100.0005-04-2019----
arrow  GARDEN REACH 22-03-2019Interim 0.0028-03-2019----
arrow  COLGATEPALMO 19-03-2019Interim 0.0008-04-2019----
arrow  ONGC 19-03-2019Interim 0.0027-03-2019----
arrow  SBI LIFE 19-03-2019Interim 0.0004-04-2019----
arrow  EUROGOLDJEWL 18-03-2019Interim 20.0029-03-2019----
arrow  BEML 18-03-2019Interim 45.0029-03-2019----
arrow  HAL 18-03-2019Interim 198.0029-03-2019----
arrow  FIEM INDUS 14-03-2019Interim 80.0027-03-2019----
arrow  IOC 13-03-2019Interim 15.0028-03-2019----
arrow  MISHRA DHATU 12-03-2019Interim 16.8026-03-2019----
arrow  NMDC 12-03-2019Interim 552.0025-03-2019----
arrow  AEGIS LOGIST 11-03-2019Interim 50.0027-03-2019----
arrow  BHARATELECTR 11-03-2019Interim 70.0020-03-2019----
arrow  RITES 11-03-2019Interim 40.0022-03-2019----
arrow  UJJIVAN FIN 11-03-2019Interim 8.5023-03-2019----
arrow  BHARAT DYNAM 08-03-2019Interim 52.5027-03-2019----
arrow  KOTAK BANK 08-03-2019Final 8.1022-03-2019----
arrow  MEGHMANI 08-03-2019Final 60.0020-03-2019----
arrow  KEWAL KIRAN 07-03-2019Interim 50.0019-03-2019----